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MET Parachute


Met Parachute. Markkinoiden kevein ASTM sertifioitu full face kypärä. Tämä kypärä soveltuu mainiosti esimerkiksi BMX-Racing, Enduro tai DH-käyttöön.





THE PERFECT CHOICE The Parachute is the ideal helmet for Enduro racing: weighing in at just 700g (Size M), it is extremely light and well ventilated making it comfortable to wear on climbs and safe on descents. A CHINGUARD THAT DOES NOT RESTRICT BREATHING The Parachute's non-removable chin guard is integrated into the helmet. Thanks to its construction it is the only chin guard of its kind that exceeds ASTM testing. This technology and highly innovative design create a solid, compact and highly-ventilated chin guard. ADJUSTABLE VISOR WITH INTEGRATED AIR INTAKE VENTS The visor’s role is to protect the face especially the eyes from branches and the sun, or against mud. Fine tune your field of vision by adjusting the anodized aluminum side screws. The visor can easily be adjusted to provide plenty of space to stow your goggles. KEEP THE GOGGLES IN PLACE The Parachute is goggle compatible; a clip system on the back of the helmet keeps your goggle strap in place. MOPOV MULTI-BRAND COMPATIBLE CAMERA MOUNT MOPOV (My Own Point Of View) is a multi-brand compatible camera mount system that our engineers developed to securely mount an action camera onto the helmet without damaging the helmet's shell. SAFE-T ADVANCED FIT SYSTEM Safe-T Advanced, MET’s top of the line fit system, provides the best weight and comfort ratio. The contact points have a larger cradle surface increasing comfort and are also designed to keep weight low and allow perspiration at the back of the head.